Manufacturing Processes
Prototyping, CAD modeling, Laser Cutting, Wood Lamination

Plywood, Blue acrylic, ​Wood glue , Polyurethane and ​linseed oil

 The task was to create a personal logo that included our initials and a central fact about us. I immediately knew I wanted it to incorporate my love of the outdoors. I decided to design it to look like a topographic map and wanted my initials (CP) to only be subtly visible (see if you can pick them out!). It took a few tries to get it just right, with mountains, valleys and even a lake, and i was very pleased with how it turned out 
 I transferred a sketch I made on paper to Adobe Illustrator, translated each line to a new plane, laser cut plywood and acrylic, and glued together the layers. After several rounds of sanding I finished it with a polyurethane linseed oil blend. 

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